Company Profile

Everything about Indiana Packers—our corporate offices, sales, processing and shipping—happens here in the Corn Belt, for optimum speed, efficiency and quality control to deliver a fresher product, faster.

Indiana Packers’ current daily production capacity is 16,800 hogs—up from 4,200 hogs a day as a startup operation in 1991.

Since opening in 1991, the facility has expanded from a mere 270,000 square feet to more than 600,000 square feet. And, with our eye on the horizon, anticipating market needs, we’re never done evolving.

Continuous development of our HACCP program to optimize food safety...
The use of robotics for more consistent cuts to specifications...
Packaging fresh-chilled to international markets around the world...

We’re constantly investing millions of dollars in new construction, training and technologies to maintain a leadership role and improve product quality and service for our customers.

Indiana Packers employs more than 2,000 people who pride themselves on their work and the products they place in the hands of our customers.

In addition to our signature fresh pork items, Indiana Packers offers a variety of smoked meat products, such as ham, bacon and sausage that are sure to fit your retail or foodservice needs—in the U.S. or in markets around the world. See the entire Indiana Packers product line.

During a groundbreaking on October 12, 1989, on a Carroll County farm just south of Delphi, Indiana, Indiana Packers Company became a reality. Rich in agricultural resources and holding title as the largest hog producing area in the state, the location was a natural fit to build a state-of-the-art hog processing facility.

Indiana Packers was originally formed, and first started production in 1991, as a partnership between Central Soya and Mitsubishi Corporation. In February of 1994, Central Soya exited the operation and Mitsubishi took over controlling interest, with Itoham Food, Inc., joining as a minor stockholder.

At that point, Indiana Packers Company officially became today’s Indiana Packers Corporation.