3,000+ team members. Round-the-clock production. Four Midwestern locations. State-of-the-art facilities. And big investments in technology, personnel and industry research.

All in order to bring you a complete line of the freshest, most flavorful food products on the market.


In addition to our signature fresh pork items, we offer a broad product portfolio of processed and specialty meat products, including ham, bacon, sausage, lunch and deli meats and hot dogs as well as a number of other food products.

We are confident we can find the right product to satisfy your retail or foodservice clientele—and, if not, we can make it. With our strong pork-industry background and ever-expanding product portfolio, we can achieve custom-product specifications to fit your needs.

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All of our hog farmers are Pork Quality Assurance® (PQA) certified.

All of our livestock transporters are Transport Quality Assurance® (TQA) certified.

All of our production facilities are Safe Quality Food® (SQF) certified.

Packaging and Shipping

We maintain a best-in-class status for supply chain and distribution network and ship to more than 25 countries around the world.

And with our 125,000 ft.2 cold-storage facility and distribution center completed in December 2017, we’re ready to improve upon that already best-in-class status.

Ask about individual quick-frozen or fresh-chilled packaging options!

Research and Development

We haven’t matured from our humble beginnings to a global food supplier without significant investments in research and development and a culture preoccupied with self-improvement—all so we can offer optimal flavor, freshness and customer experience!

We’re proud to say we offer…

  • A rapid development cycle for new products
  • Ever-evolving standards for workplace safety and quality
  • Industry research to keep on top of market trends
  • Dedicated funds for technology upgrades and employee training