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Somewhere inside the United States’ global reputation for producing and maintaining the very highest level of food quality is the special image the Midwest holds in the world of agriculture.

Whether you’re looking to procure exceptional, specialty cut and prepared pork, turkey or other food products for your international food company, restaurant market segment or retail outlet, you know you’re sourcing the best from Indiana Packers Corporation.

And you also know you can count on Indiana Packers to meet your exacting specifications regarding presentation, conversions, packaging and international shipping.

With Indiana Packers you can expect…

  • Premium food products that are always optimized for freshness at the time of your order.
  • Custom cuts, trim and packaging to meet your needs—whatever the presentation or yield of your end item.
  • One of the newest, most advanced processing facilities in the industry today.
  • Stringent food safety and HACCP protocol systems.
  • X-ray and metal detection as standard practice in final quality control.


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