Livestock Transit

All of our livestock producers and transporters are trained in the proper handling of livestock, from the beginnings of life all the way through the process of transporting their livestock to our plant.

To this end, transporters are regularly audited to ensure performance and plant compliance.

Our corporate animal welfare policies are clear, and our tolerance-margin is zero.

Transport Quality Assurance® Program

The Transport Quality Assurance (TQA) program is developed by the National Pork Board to educate swine transporters, producers and handlers regarding the proper handling, moving and transporting of pigs, as it relates to or potentially impacts pig well-being and pork quality.

As a component of our total commitment to animal welfare, Indiana Packers requires that all persons transporting swine to our facility receive TQA® certification, because:

  • Drivers are an important part of America’s pork producing industry and play a key role in providing healthy, safe and nutritious pork products to consumers.
  • Drivers’ knowledge and actions with respect to the proper handling and transportation of the animals directly affects the prosperity of the industry, as well as the quality of the food we put on the table.
  • The drivers are not just hauling hogs. They are helping to deliver quality food.

Transit Insurance Program

Indiana Packers is proud to offer its hog suppliers a unique transit insurance program, designed specifically for them.

Benefits Include:

  • First Dollar Coverage
  • Immediate Claims Payment
  • Competitive Rate
  • Premiums Deducted
  • Automatic Coverage
  • No Filing Claims

Immediate Claims Payment
Indiana Packers will pay all claims to the producer through the respective settlement payment of the corresponding load of hogs using the actual average carcass weight and average price paid of the harvested lot.

A Competitive Rate
The cost for this program is .5500 per $100 sales.

Defined Coverage
Coverage is defined for animals that die in transit to our Delphi, IN plant.

All trucking companies and individuals must have a completed bill of lading accompanying each load of hogs.

100% Coverage includes:

  • All hogs that die in transit AND all hogs that die up to the inside Plant Scale, including destroyed market hogs.
  • Any animals that are loaded with the intent to resale are not covered by the transit insurance (for example, boars, sows, small pigs, large abscesses, scars, broken legs, down hogs, etc).
  • Also not covered under this policy is the mishandling of hogs and trucker negligence (for example, overloading, egregious acts, prodding, or any other inhumane treatment to the animals.

IPC Transit Insurance is for Producers only.
Cargo Insurance is the Responsibility of the Transporter.

IPC is not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from transporter negligence.

Accidents and weather-related injuries to the animals are the responsibility of the transporter.

Individual producers with excessive death-loss could be subject, but not limited, to the following:

  • Increased premiums
  • Hog deductibles
  • In severe cases, dismissal from the insurance program

The Insurance Program will be reviewed semi-annually and is subject to change with a 30-day written notification to all participants.

Easy Cancellation
In the event a producer wishes to cancel coverage, Indiana Packers will do so with a signed copy of the Insurance Cancellation Form. After cancellation, the Producer will not be allowed back into the program for one year. Indiana Packers Corporation is not obligated to offer the insurance program at a specific date in the future. Furthermore, Indiana Packers is not responsible for death or injury to livestock during transit.

Indiana Packers reserves the right to discontinue or cancel this coverage for individual producers or for group coverage with written notification.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our procurement department:
(800) 472-7201

Mandatory Bill of Lading

The Indiana Packers Corporation Bill of Lading is required for entry onto our premises. This document must be signed by a “person of knowledge,” dated and completed.

The Bill of Lading must accompany each load of animals to the plant, and each separate producer on a truck must have their own Indiana Packers Corporation Bill of Lading.
Download the PDF