Message From The President

Indiana Packers is the industry’s only high-volume, fully integrated food supplier with a strong pork background that operates its sourcing, production, sales and shipping all from one Midwest location, among America’s prime farm country.

What does “Midwest” mean to you?

For us, it means hard work. It means wholesome. It means we keep our word and love our families and take care of our farms and communities. That’s what Midwest means to us.

If you were to visit us here in Carroll County, Indiana, you’d first have to drive through miles and miles of cornfields, acres of beans and, of course, hog farms. We’ve purposefully placed ourselves in the heart of the Midwest so we can work closely with our farm partners to provide your customers with the freshest, most flavorful products the Midwest can offer.

With 38 years in the business, I’ve learned one thing for certain: businesses thrive on strong partnerships.

Partner with us and you can trust Indiana Packers to…

  • Produce the highest-quality food products on the market;
  • Use our state-of-the-art SQF-certified facilities to achieve your product specifications with worry-free quality consistency;
  • Maintain our best-in-class status for supply chain and distribution network to expedite your orders accurately and on-time;
  • Provide you with outstanding customer service through open, two-way communication that focuses on your needs.

At the end of the day, you need to carry products that keep your customers coming back.

That’s us. That’s Indiana Packers.

And we’ll make carrying those products as effortless as we can for you.

You have my word.

Message From The President
Russ Yearwood
Russ Yearwood
President & COO