Animal Welfare Commitment

At Indiana Packers, ongoing education is a priority for maintaining a culture that respects and understands the movement of livestock.

Our associates are trained in the latest techniques for animal care and movement using tools supplied by a number of respected industry sources, as well as internal plant education programs.

Further, our procurement staff works very closely with our supply partners and transporters to keep them informed of our efforts and to enlist their support of our education programs.

Topline animal welfare polices and initiatives:

  • Employees acknowledge their commitment with a signed document.
  • All transporters are to be TQA® (Transport Quality Assurance) Certified.
  • Indiana Packers requires all producers and production facilities be PQA-Plus® Certified(Pork Quality Assurance). The program focuses on proper care, ventilation, and animal living conditions. Indiana Packers acknowledges the value these programs bring to our industry and the responsibility our producers show.
  • In addition to internal self-audits, we have our animal welfare and handling systems evaluated at least annually by an independent third party animal-welfare authority.
  • Indiana Packers has a zero-tolerance policy established for the health of our animal welfare system, and all associates are required to abide by this policy.
  • All associates and transporters are required to complete the TQA® certification program administered by the National Pork Board. The program emphasizes the importance of proper care in loading/unloading, transporting and responding to weather-related issues.
  • Indiana Packers is a strong supporter of the National Pork Producers Council’s “We Care” program, and strongly endorses the program’s Ethical Principles for U.S. Pork Producers. We firmly believe in our responsibility to: produce safe food; protect and promote animal well-being; ensure practices toward the protection of public health; safeguard natural resources; provide a safe work environment; and contribute to a better quality of life in our communities.