Corporate Responsibility

Every move, every decision we make, every day, is measured according to the impact it potentially has on our shareholders, employees, customers, community and environment—with the goal to play whatever role we can in enhancing the quality of life for everyone we touch.

Policy Statements:

Workplace Safety

It is company policy to take every step necessary to minimize those conditions and exposures which may adversely affect our employees' health or contribute to accidental injury.

Conservation of our company's resources, including the safety and well being of every employee, is among our highest priorities and demands the maximum effort of all concerned.

We are personally committed to continually improving our safety performance and will authorize the programs necessary to achieve this objective.

Environmental Stewardship

Indiana Packers Corporation is dedicated to our employees and the community's public health, natural resources and the environment. Indiana Packers Corporation will incorporate sound environmental practices in all facets of its daily operations and business decisions.

Animal Welfare

At Indiana Packers Corporation, we fully appreciate and understand the moral and ethical duties associated with the care and movement of food animal livestock.

As such, we are fully committed to providing industry-leading food animal welfare for all livestock under our care or under the care of those received at our facility.

Indiana Packers' animal welfare commitment.

Food Safety

We are committed to ensuring the safety of the pork products we provide to our customers, family and friends.

All of our food handling and hygiene standards employed at our production facility are developed and managed with the sole focus of providing the highest level of food safety.

While highly effective, these operational food safety standards are but a link in our food safety chain and therefore dependent on others within the chain for overall success—namely, our family of hog livestock suppliers with whom we work very closely.